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Backfill the hole with soil and water in alternating dispersals. If using mulch, add the mulch to the area at this time to about a three inch depth. Water immediately over the mulch area. Cypress Trees are able to withstand nutrient poor soils easily. Soils come in a variety of types as defined by the granular components. Clay and silt soils are usually not preferred for most trees, as these soils do not enable the free-flow of oxygen and water.

Despite these drawbacks, clay and silt soils can sustain and grow Cypress Trees.

Loam soils, however, are the best for most trees. Loam soils are made up a variety of different particle sizes. This stops the soil from clumping unnecessarily and blocking the transference of water and air. One way to determine the difference is to grasp a handful of the soil and squeeze.

If the soil clumps and does not fall apart easily, it is clay. If the soil clumps when squeezed, but then immediately falls apart upon release it is likely silt or sand. If the soil clumps when squeezed and released, but falls apart when touched, it is loam. Many types of Cypress Trees require considerate water access.

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For example, the Bald Cypress , which grows throughout the southeastern United States, prefers water-logged plains. However, many of the most popular Cypress Trees are actually drought tolerant. Irrigation can be effective at providing efficient and sufficient water access to Cypress Trees. The Cypress Tree varieties available at The Tree Center are specifically cultivated to demonstrate drought tolerance. It is most important to water the Cypress Tree immediately after planting.

Cypress Trees

For the first year of establishment, be sure the Cypress receives water once a week. Many gardeners use mulch and fertilizers in order to create the most complete soil profile. Cypress Trees do not require fertilizer. Mulch, however, can be exceptionally beneficial, as it helps to not only add additional nutrient matter to the soil if naturally-based, but it can also assist in water and oxygen accessibility.

Cypress Tree Tunnel in Point Reyes National Seashore

Water the mulch directly. Wood-chip based mulches work best, as these will decompose over time and add nutrient matter to the soil. Landscapers choose to plant Cypress Trees for a variety of reasons. Cypress Trees are effective at creating decadent privacy screens or barriers. These windbreaks are beneficial for blocking out noise, wind, and intrusions. Cypress Trees are also noted for their aesthetic and historical appeal.

The Italian Cypress Tree - Life in Italy

As one of the first gardened trees, Cypress Trees were used by ancient Greeks in public garden spaces. Cypress Trees come in many varieties, though most are moderately-sized trees.

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Many Cypress Trees prefer heavily wetted areas; however, the trees carried by The Tree Center are primarily drought-tolerant, making them accessible by residents throughout the United States. Daphne however throws herself into London's high society, falling madly in love with diplomat and heir Sholto Hertford — but then his work brings them to Crete, and Daphne becomes enchanted by the island as well.

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