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This shows a wider and deeper stage, places the central group on a carpet, adds the Duke of Bolton and various other figures to the audience presumably chosen by Rich himself , and introduces the crouching satyrs holding up the curtain on either side. MS , folio 1 :. Hogarth's increasing confidence as a painter is manifested not only in the greater spaciousness of the composition and more complex lighting of the interior, but also in the more fluent handling of paint and in the elaboration of the wings, with their handsome satyr caryatids conceived in terms of classical contrapposto and echoed in the poses of the audience directly below.

In view of their late date, however, these identifications have to remain open to some doubt. The Tate Gallery painting is in an eighteenth-century frame surmounted by a finely carved and painted cartouche consisting of an oval portrait medallion of Gay possibly loosely based on Rysbrack's medallion portrait of on Gay's monument in Westminster Abbey , flanked on either side by a laurel bough, flute and two three-dimensionally carved satyr's masks that echo the satyrs and the satyr's masks on the columns behind them in the painting.

At some stage in the past the canvas had been cut at the edges, removing part of the masks behind the statue, especially on the left-hand side.

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Its companion, whose present possession I have not been able to trace out, had, in like manner, that of Sir Francis Page, one of the judges, remarkable for his severity, with a halter round his neck. In either case, William Huggins seems the likeliest person to have commissioned them, as his personal interest in the paintings was no less than Grant's, who probably never collected the paintings, as he went bankrupt in October and was expelled from the Commons in May for embezzling the funds of the Charitable Corporation.

John Nichols claims , p. In this also the likeness of Walker and Miss Fenton A chalk sketch for the earlier version of this scene is in the Royal Collection A. Main menu additional Become a Member Shop. Twitter Facebook Email Pinterest Share this page. In Tate Britain.

The Beggars Opera

Walk Through British Art: Free entry. Artist William Hogarth — Medium Oil paint on canvas.

Dimensions Support: x mm frame: x x 90 mm. Collection Tate. Acquisition Purchased Reference N Display caption Catalogue entry. Display caption This is one of the first paintings made of an English stage performance. MS , folio 1 : the Committy of the house of Commons. You might like Left Right. William Hogarth Mrs Salter VI: The Country Dance c. William Hogarth The Strode Family c.

Francis Hayman See-Saw c. William Hogarth James Quin, Actor c.

The Beggar's Opera | Edinburgh International Festival

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Matt Hoverman. Request license. Path Created with Sketch. Jump to Section: Current Section Overview. Cast Size Cast Size 8m, 7f. Additional Info A ragtag company of beggars in Victorian London tell the bitter tale of the predatory outlaw known as Macheath. Keywords Adolescence , Betrayal , Love , Marriage. Cautions No Special Cautions.

Casting 8m, 7f. Casting Notes It is a "company of players" Resources Scripts. More Authors. John Gay.

Charles Jeffries. Jerry Knight. Now Playing. Community Experiences.