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Rumors are saying that two more books are scheduled sometime in to advance events from Vigilus even further. This would be another major narrative arc with Abaddon being forced to answer for his actions on blowing up Cadia.

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With the highlight of the campaign being Abaddon vs. Blood Angels will be involved with Khorne. The third book may show exactly where the Blood Angels ran off to.

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Rachel Caine. The Brilliant Death. Amy Rose Capetta. Loki: Where Mischief Lies. Mackenzi Lee. Flames of the Dark Crystal 4. Golden tipped wings spread to shadow the table as Raphael put his hands together in a slow clap. Well, done. She watched, transfixed, as he walked to the edge of the roof.

He was a being of such incredible splendor that simply seeing him move made her heart squeeze. No one, not even she, could deny that Raphael the Archangel was a man made to be admired. To be worshipped. That utterly wrong thought snapped her out of her dazed state.


Pushing back her chair, she stared hard at his back. Had he been messing with her head? Right then, he turned and she met the agonizing blue of his eyes. For a second, she thought he was answering her question. Then he looked away…and walked off the roof. She jumped up. The female equivalent of Raphael, her beauty so intense that Elena could feel the force of it even from this distance. She had the startling realization that she was looking at a mid-air meeting between two archangels.

The other archangel had skin the color of the most exquisite, fine milk-chocolate and a shining fall of hair that cascaded to her waist in a wild mass. Her body was quintessentially female, slender and curvy at the same time, her wings a delicate bronze that shimmered against the richness of her skin. Elena fancied she could see her eyes—a bright, impossible green—but knew she had to be imagining it.

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They were too far away. It made little difference. The female archangel had a face that would not only stop traffic, it would cause a few pileups in the process. Elena frowned. Which meant the damn arrogant blue-eyed bastard had been fucking with her mind. He wanted her to worship him? His landing was a lot more showy this time.

She was sure he paused to display the pattern on the inside surface of his wings. It was as if a brush dipped in gold had started at the top edge of each wing and then stroked downward, fading to white as it neared the bottom. In spite of her fury, she had to face the truth: If the devil—or an archangel—came to her and offered her wings, she might just sell him her soul. They only made blood-drinking vampires. Where angels came from, no one knew. Raphael came to a standstill. She felt blood scent the air and realized it was her own.

He was forcing her to hurt herself, showing her she was nothing but a toy for him to play with. Instead of fighting, she squeezed harder.

Awaken ~ the Blood Angel Series ~ Book 1

You need me, Elena Deveraux, not one of your little vampire flunkies. Her hand unclenched in a violent spasm as he made her release the blade.