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With the new Zune 4. In late fall , the Zune Video Marketplace will be rolled into the Xbox Live Marketplace to increase parity over the two services. It will also offer HD movies, some of which will have 5. The movies can be purchased or rented; Movie Parties will also be available. Zune Marketplace TV shows come from:. As of Zune 4. The store initially launched with 9 apps, all of which were developed by Microsoft and released for free. On November 9, Microsoft released 6 new apps 5 being games.

A collection of basic games are available for non-HD Zune models. Microsoft launched several campaigns to jump-start the Zune. The company had a major campaign to promote Zune with "Music the way it wants to be" as a major theme and "Welcome to the social" as an advertisement tagline. Also, the company enlisted about "Zune-masters" to advertise the device on American college campuses, to promote the item, and to run Zune-related events. In exchange, they received free merchandise, including a Zune.

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Additionally, Microsoft launched an attempt at viral marketing with its comingzune site, complete with several videos in succession. Along with ZuneInsider , and several other ad hoc events, Microsoft hoped to generate buzz for the product outside of the normal marketing avenues, and market its product as a part of a social construct. The choice of brand and distribution were part of the Zune as a decision of "two strategies in the market right now: cross-brand ecosystems The former is gaining in share and units sold, but the latter has enormous share and won't give that up easily.

Microsoft normally follows a platform cross-brand strategy, as exemplified by the PlaysForSure system. However, its Xbox division has gained some experience with the vertically-integrated strategy in which it controls everything end-to-end from the hardware to the online store. With Apple dominating the audio market with its vertically-integrated iPod system, the Xbox division won permission to try the same approach, separately from PlaysForSure and PlayReady.

Microsoft also wanted to go beyond Apple's efforts and promote the tagline "the social" and wireless sharing as key differentiators. Chris Stephenson, leader of Zune's marketing and manager of Global Marketing for the Entertainment Business, said, "we see a great opportunity to bring together technology and community to allow consumers to explore and discover music together. Microsoft also released a Zune theme for Windows XP that replaced the appearance of the operating system.

Zune has also expanded its brand efforts by creating a Millennial -friendly website and campaign focused on emerging artist talent: Zune Arts. MySpace has added the feature to label music players on personal profiles to Zune-themed or a red Zune 8. According to Bloomberg Television 1. On May 6, , Microsoft announced that it had sold just over 2 million Zunes. Roughly one million of those were sold since the second generation Zunes launched in November On May 22, , It was reported that GameStop "has decided to stop selling Microsoft's Zune players at its stores due to what it sees as insufficient demand from customers.

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Best Buy, Target, Wal-Mart, and others. This may be due to the company's decision not to substantially update the Zune hardware in the fall of Amazon is listing a month wait for the 16GB model and a week wait for the 32GB". Microsoft released the Zune to Canadian consumers on June 13, , marking the first time it was available outside the U. Microsoft has even made efforts to ban visitors outside the United States from Zune Originals.

Users wishing to sign up for a Zune Tag can easily circumvent most problems by signing up for a US-based account. The Zune 2.

East Asian characters used in Chinese and Japanese, for example, show up on the Zune device as small boxes instead of characters. Microsoft's Zune desktop software has no problem with Unicode.

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Users have improvised ways to downgrade the firmware on the Zune device to older version that support Asian characters V1 Zunes can be hacked to display Asian font. There are currently no plans to bring it to other countries. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Firmware version Software version Date Software and firmware changes 1. Improved performance.

Why was the Zune brand so hated? - Neowin

Fixed Zune Marketplace music to not skip on the device. Improved device detection and syncing. Inclusion of "Social" features in both. Enhances device functionality and performance. New user interface on both the Zune device and the Zune software. Also includes improved device recognition and improved stability and reliability on sync both wirelessly and while connected to a PC.

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It has also been noted that the new firmware features the option to unsubscribe from a podcast right on the device. This feature was originally slated to be part of the original consumer release of the 2. Also adds new features such as gapless playback, smart playlists, new sorting options, multiple device syncing, and support for XNA Xbox game developers will be able to load custom code using the XNA platform. Zune Social is better integrated, and users with Windows Live Messenger can display which song is being played to people in their buddy list.

Video podcasts can be shared wirelessly between Zunes, allowing the receiving Zune owner to subscribe to a podcast on-the-go. Wireless hotspot access added for automatically updating the user's collection, browsing the Marketplace, refreshing Channels, exchanging favorites with friends, or buying songs tagged from the device's FM radio.

Zune Channels, custom programming stations that deliver personalized playlists to Zune from a variety of sources the user selects such as music experts, celebrities, or top radio stations , is added. A clock, screen lock feature, and free games Texas Hold'em and Hexic are added. The "quick list" has been replaced with a "now playing" list, which functions differently from the previous "quick list".

Since the Zune software was made in a simpler time a decade ago it doesn't use SSL or do any checking for the cert to confirm the identity of the Zune server. This would be sad in , but it's super useful to us when bringing this old hardware back to life. Again, there's as half dozen ways to do this.

It if had found this, it'd look at your Zune model and then figure out which cab cabinet archive to get the firmware from. I tried. However, there's a number of different files that the Zune software could request and I only have the one Zune and I couldn't figure out how to model it in Fiddler. If I could do this, we could just install Fidder and avoid editing the hosts file AND using a tiny web server. This says "if you ever want stuff from resources.

Zune Music Marketplace Expansions: Why I Think They’re Still Coming Soon!

It'll be a little web server you or I will run on our own, on localhost AKA Now download dot. Don't worry, we aren't coding, we are just using the tools it includes.

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It won't mess up your machine or install anything at startup. Grab any 2. Then go to a command prompt and run these commands.

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  4. We'll install a tiny static webserver called dotnet serve. If you get any errors that dotnet serve can't be found, just close the command prompt and open it again to update your PATH. If you get errors that port 80 is open, be sure to stop IIS or Skype Desktop or anything that might be listening on port BUT when we load the Zune software and watch network traffic, we see it's asking for resources. We need to answer since Zune is gone, it's on us now. It'll look like this:.

    The zuneprod.

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    Open zuneprod. For example if you're using notepad, your find and replace will look like this. Blog Home Installing the. NET Core 2. About Scott Scott Hanselman is a former professor, former Chief Architect in finance, now speaker, consultant, father, diabetic, and Microsoft employee. Sponsored By. Auto theme Default theme Darkside theme. Community Activity Refresh. Windows 10 version is coming - here's what you need to know in Front Page News What are you playing?

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